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Pittsburgh opioid forum-we have what you're seeking

Earlier this week, Governor Tom Wolfe met with various Pittsburgh leaders to continue the 'Solution to Opiods' conversation as part of the Highmark/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Health Forum at Heinz Field which was open to the public and well attended.

Panel members thoughtfully addressed some questions from the audience, hitting concerns they believe remain unresolved but mistakenly so. They simply are not YET aware of all that Neighborhood Drug WatchTM offers the public . . . but we all know good things take time.

Hopefully the panel members will read the proposals we left for them.

Here are some of the questions that were asked:

Q: "The addict won't make it unless they can have a productive life after their recovery from addiction. What can be done to give these people the productive life they hope for?"

A: Neighborhood Drug WatchTM is currently collecting resources for 're-entry' assistance ... including employment.

Q: "Is there a target population to start the turnaround? Is there a concentration on the younger population? Or the older population since they are likely being prescribed the opioids?"

A: Neighborhood Drug WatchTM believes we are all the 'target population' to start the turnaround. NDW 'is' the public--- anyone and everyone who wants to GET help or BE help. No waiting for someone else or something down the road to fix this problem. The solution begins and ends with us -- all of us, working together.

Q: "What about 12-Step recovery programs? What about the disease concept?" It is a mental, spiritual and physical disease; not morally bankrupt, but spiritually bankrupt."

~"When will addicts be treated like patients and not criminals?"

A: Excellent question! Neighborhood Drug WatchTM lists as many helpful resources for addicts as possible - for this very reason! The list is unlimited (based solely upon how many credible resources the public submits to us). We do not shun addicts; we embrace them with the 'get' help portion of our concept. In one place, you can now 'get' help or 'be' help.

Q: "As the mother of an overdose victim, how can I get involved to help other parents dealing with this problem and the pain of losing a child?"

A: We are so very sorry for your loss; Neighborhood Drug Watch lists as many helpful support groups for situations such as yours (and can grow with the public's input!)

Q: "What is available in the schools for education about opioid addiction?" (as parents, we think prevention ed would be better than addiction ed)

How can we bring all the various resources together?

~How could we put money and ego aside for better focus on the results?

A: There are 3 different options currently -- but if anyone knows of more, please send them our way! (each is listed on our website under the 'schools/NDW' tab)

....and we are SO GLAD you asked the next 2 questions - because that is precisely what NDW is doing.....bringing all the various resources together in one, easier to find/remember website! No money, no ulterior motive, no ego. Simply the public working together as we are all Neighborhood Drug WatchTM ...WE ARE NOT A CHARITY NOR A BUSINESS.

Please visit our website (it's not perfect --- we are simply concerned residents volunteering our time) at

You see.....the tools, events, and resources we list are being submitted by the PUBLIC! It's YOUR website ---- because Neighborhood Drug Watch is you, it's us, it's all of us working together; but we must set ego and money aside.

Here's your ground-breaking opportunity! Be part of the SOLUTION by helping us -- add to list the resources/events/tools. Contact PennDot, meet with the state --- and so much more!

Neighborhood Drug Watch is right in front of you --- you just may not know it yet. Butler, Pa know it though.............they recently launched one of our initiatives (#TAKEBUTLERBACK) and the police department has confirmed they're already noticing a positive difference!

We're right here ..... and we have answers to some of your concerns; let's talk!

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