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City of Butler, PA

Butler, Pa has a rich heritage of hard work and perseverance which still exists today, amidst all the challenges that the 21st century brings. Sadly, EVERY community is affected by the national addiction epidemic; however, Butler is being extremely proactive about it! The city is taking advantage of Neighborhood Drug Watch's #TAKEYOURCOMMUNITYBACK initiatives (available throughout Western PA to those communities that are interested).

Specific to the City of Butler, the "#TAKEBUTLERBACK initiative" was launched on January 31 of this year, thanks to Neighborhood Drug WatchTM volunteer coordinator, Kathy Kline. The city has now been armed with tangible tools, resources, communication, education and much more --- all in an effort to fight the addiction epidemic; whether you want to GET help or to BE help!

The "#TAKEBUTLERBACK initiative" is in its infancy - and its success is up to YOU ....not someone else...not 'them' Neighborhood Drug WatchTM is all of us working a grassroots empowerment that is customized to Butler's specific needs.

AND...........Butler is now getting its own SEPARATE PAGE on our website -- which will include announcements, police updates and more. We accept constructive comments --- as we are all in this together. EVERYONE is Neighborhood Drug WatchTM because a national epidemic affects everyone.

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