We wish to thank our supporters!

Neighborhood Drug Watch 'is' you, it's us; it's all of us working together --it's entire community engagement.

                          We greatly appreciate any help with marketing, public service announcements, etc.                          The greater exposure for Neighborhood Drug Watch, the more lives we save!


  • City of Butler, PA launched its #takeyourcommunityback NDW initiative in January 2018 and has already publicly declared it is helping. (City of Butler police lieutenant Chad Rensel).

  • Adams Township (Butler County) police department publicly announced (May 2018):                                        “The Adams Township Police Department has partnered with Neighborhood Drug Watch to provide our residents and visitors with additional tools to further our fight against dangerous drugs in our community."                                                               

  • Baldwin-Whitehall High School (Allegheny County)                                                                                                      “We think this program is ideal for our communities and look forward to working with you."

  • NDW has been approached by residents across Pennsylvania (and even 4 from other states)  requesting us to expand our services to their areas.

  • Butler County Tourism & Visitor Bureau has offered us $5,000 worth of marketing with a ‘community match’ goal to encourage public/corporate participation.                                                                                                                “Butler County Tourism & Visitor Bureau is very interested in being involved with this program”.  

  • Multiple Pennsylvania residents have thanked us for pulling this all together. One specific example:           “Thank you for what you are doing. I feel so alone.  My husband is an addict. How can I help?”

   Our list of supporters continues:

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