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  1.         Street signs (streets, parks, businesses, parking lots, etc.) 

  2.         School curriculum options for prevention education (DEA, Reality Tour and DARE)

  3.         "NDW minute" video messages from affected youth for schools' homeroom morning news

  4.         REALITY TOUR (interactive parent/child prevention education program)

  5.         Find the help you need (from prevention to recovery support and everything in between)

  6.         Free events, programs and meetings across Western PA

  7.         Free "Warn-Me! Opioids" stickers for your insurance cards from National Safety Council

  8.         Free Seal & Send envelopes from National Safety Council

  9.         Free window signs - just print from our handouts page

  10.         Free tear-off 'Get help/Be help' flyer for community bulletin boards, etc.

  11.         Find a prescription drug "take-back" box near you

  12.         '25 free ways you can help Neighborhood Drug Watch' flyer

  13.         Bigburgh phone app of FREE service to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming such

  14.         Pittsburgh needle exchange services (& more!)

  15.         Colleges that are helping out (new page!)

  16.         Employment assistance (PA office of vocational rehab)

  17. ​        Pennsylvania:  click here to report suspicious prescription abuse activity to the state (for the                     public   and health care providers to report suspicious activity involving prescription medication.          For example: fraudulent, stolen, or altered prescriptions, a suspicious doctor/pharmacy or an              individual obtaining prescription drugs for any purpose other than the treatment of an existing              medical condition, such as for purposes of misuse, abuse, or diversion, etc.)

Click here to send us more tools/resources/events or to learn about our #TAKEYOURCOMMUNITYBACK initiatives

           Thanks to a handful of Pennsylvania residents, Neighborhod Drug WatchTM was formed in 2017              to unite and empower communities in the war against drugs;

providing them with the tools and customized action plans that work!

Our supporters include the FBI, DEA, Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau, 

local municipalities, schools, churches and businesses.

Not a charity or business...but entire community engagement

because this epidemic requires all of us to work together.

We cannot save everyone, but we CAN save some!










Addiction is not

someone else's problem


A community suffers in many ways when drug addiction moves in. Prevention relies on the care and concern of people like you. Large or small, every bit of volunteering can bring hope to individuals and families near and far.

Please volunteer with Neighborhood Drug WatchTM - your efforts will make a difference!

“To solve a problem, one must recognize their share of responsibility.                   Blaming others will never solve it.”  


a publicly built concept - not a business or charity
leaving money and ego out of the solution
(click each for more detail)


Thank you for contacting us. We will reply as soon as possible.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide communities with the resources and courage they need to fight the drug epidemic together.


 The 'Neighborhood Drug WatchTM' name and related images may not be used in any manner without express written permission                    from the founders of this community resource.  Written permission will only be granted for the sake of providing helpful resources              to those in need as it pertains to addiction and related situations; never for profit or gain.   Neighborhood Drug WatchTM materials,             name and content may not be used in any illegal or harmful manner, misrepresent NDW's mission statement, abuse, or otherwise

 violate anyone’s rights or any applicable laws.  No one may profit or gain financially under the name of Neighborhood Drug Watch; nor is Neighborhood Drug Watch liable for the actions of any resources provided here.  The resources are listed for convenience only.

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